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Wed 11th July, 2018

Dr Vincent Cunliffe, Biomedical Science
Epigenetic consequences of glucocorticoid signalling in the zebrafish brain

Wed 20th June, 2018

Prof Jeremy Green, King’s College London
Epithelial bending for organ formation: forces, molecular signals, and novel ensemble cell behaviours

Weds 23rd May, 2018

Dr Karim Sorefan, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Stem cell development in plants: fusion, folding and 4G networks

Weds 25th April, 2018

Dr Kyra Campbell, Biomedical Science
Making a midgut

Weds 28th March, 2018

Dr Stuart Casson, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Making light of stomata

Weds 29th November, 2017

Prof Marysia Placzek, Biomedical Science
Development of chick hypothalamus

Weds 21st February, 2018

Dr Emily Noël, Biomedical Science
Cardiac morphogenesis: exploring the interplay between asymmetric signals and cellular behaviours that helps shape a heart

Weds 29th November, 2017

Prof Marysia Placzek, Biomedical Science
Development of chick hypothalamus

Weds 31st May, 2017

Dr Nasreen Akhtar, Oncology and Metabolism
Extracellular matrix control of mammary tissue morphogenesis

Aaron Savage, PhD student, Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease
Supervisors: Rob Wilkinson, Tim Chico
tmem33: a novel regulator of blood vessel morphogenesis and VEGF-mediated endothelial calcium signalling

Weds 1st March, 2017

Dr Natalia Bulgakova, Biomedical Science
Roles of E-cadherin in Drosophila morphogenesis

Weds 30th November, 2016

Dr Ryan MacDonald, Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease
Cell interactions in the patterning of the vertebrate retina

Dr Guy Blanchard, University of Cambridge
Contractile trans-tissue structures in morphogenesis

Weds 28th September 2016

Prof Andrew Fleming, Animal and Plant Sciences
Leaf patterning & morphogenesis: from development to physiology via mechanics

Dr Ian Sudbury, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
The role of miRNAs in patterning gene expression

Weds 25th May 2016

Dr Matthew Towers, Biomedical Science
Evolution of digit patterning models

Ryan Hartwell, PhD student, Biomedical Science / Mathematics and Statistics
Supervisors: Tanya Whitfield, Nick Monk
Establishing axial polarity in the developing zebrafish ear

Weds 17th February 2016

Dr Alex Fletcher, Mathematics and Statistics
Modelling remodelling

Prof David Strutt, Biomedical Science
Coordinated cell polarisation as a simple model for tissue organisation

Thurs 19th November 2015

Dr Robert Wilkinson, Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease
Morphogenesis and patterning of the embryonic vasculature: a fishy perspective

Prof Nick Monk, Mathematics and Statistics
Using maths to understand morphogenesis

Dr Ling Chin Hwang, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Using pattern formation for spatial organization in bacteria